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How it works

Book an Event

Use our app to browse through the list of Rendezvous events happening near you. Then simply book the event you would like attend.

Attend an Event

After receiving confirmation of your booking, attend and checkin to the event you booked with our app. Then get ready to mingle!

Tell us who you liked

Talk to each of your assigned potential matches and use our app to tell us who you did and didn't like. Then in around 4 hours you'll get a notification of who you matched with along with their phone number so that you may reach out to them! Thats it!

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Our Mission

Rendezvous is a service dedicated to helping people meet and match in the traditional way: in person. Where as other services would have you decide whether you like someone solely based on pictures without ever having met, Rendezvous aims to let you make that decision after speaking and meeting that person. By facilitating this process we hope to make meeting and dating simpler and less awkward.